Transfer your Photos, Slides, Video Tapes or Film to (1) Premium DVD and receive (1) FREE DVD copy with your purchase! 

Limit Up to (3) Free Copies.


Regular 8, Super-8 & 16mm Film

  • All-Digital Transfer Process to give you the highest quality picture
  • All DVDs are made with DataLifePlus archival-quality DVDs
  • Includes Computer editing to remove blank segments
  • Please number the reels in the order you want them to appear in the video
  • 3″ reel is 50 ft. (~3 min)  5″ reel is 200 ft. (~13 mins)  6″ reel is 300 ft. (~20 mins) 7″ reel is 400 ft. (~26 mins)

Cost to Transfer

Regular 8, Super-8 & 16mm Film: Silent film $0.20/movie foot Sound film $0.25/movie foot

Cost of Copies (Each archival-quality DVD can hold up to 2 hours of footage)

Premium DVD (up to 1/2 hour) $30.00 each Premium DVD (up to 2 hours) $45.00 each (only $15.00 each for additional copies)

Mini-DV or Digital-8 Tape Copy  DV file transfer to your hard drive / flash drive $20.00

For people who want to edit the movies on their own computer.

Background Music  $10.00 flat fee per order

We highly recommend background music for silent films. We have a very nice Easy Listening track that we use for most of our film transfers. It goes with anything that’s on the screen and will add to your viewing enjoyment.

Video Editing  – is available in 1/4 hour increments

Prior to finalizing your movie, we can sit down with you to view your film footage.  Together, we can edit the movie to create your dream video, complete with titles and narrative.

Video Titles w/ transitions $1.00 per title

Film Splicing (as needed for transfer) $0.75 per splice

Film Leader (as needed for transfer) $1.00 per leader.

VHS, VHS-C and Beta $20.00 each

8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, and mini-DV $25.00 each

Your damaged tapes will be repaired in a way that saves as much footage as possible. If the magnetic tape is damaged, a backup DVD copy (not included in the above price) is highly recommended


  • Convert Foreign Video formats like PAL (European) to the NTSC (US standard) format
  • Convert NTSC (US standard) format to a Foreign Video format like PAL for relatives overseas

Add $10 per disc to our premium DVD prices.

8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, mini-DV, VHS, VHS-C, and Beta tapes

  • Your title is printed directly on the DVD
  • DVDs utilize a high-quality digital video format that will preserve your family memories for many years
  • All DVDs are made with DataLifePlus archival-quality DVDs

Basic DVD (VHS, VHS-C, Betamax)

An economical way to transfer lots of videotapes to DVD. The footage is transferred without any editing and everything on the tape is put on the DVD. Chapter markers are placed every 5 minutes.

Basic DVD (up to 1/2 hour)  $20.00 each

Basic DVD (up to 2 hours)  $35.00 each

Premium DVD (8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, Mini-DV)

These DVDs have the highest quality picture available. We custom design the menu page with a theme that compliments the video. We also check the video for any long blank segments and edit them out. Highly Recommended for Weddings and special event videos or when the DVD is being given as a gift.

Premium DVD (up to 1/2 hour)  $30.00 each

Premium DVD (up to 2 hours)  $45.00 each (only $15 each for additional copies)

DVD Case Insert printed with text and a picture of your choice only $5.00 Goes in the outside sleeve of the DVD case. Great when you are giving the DVD as a gift!


  • Each photo montage is lovingly crafted to create a heart warming video that you will cherish FOREVER.
  • Photos should be put in chronological order and numbered on the back in pencil only.
  • Included is the popular Ken Burns Motion Effect which brings still photos to life.
  • Images will be held on the screen for 6-10 seconds with a smooth transition between them.

Cost to Transfer (price includes basic editing)

Photos or Slides $1.50 each (exposure / color correction). Digital Images (from Flash Drive, SD card) $0.75 each

Digital Images (on CDs or memory cards) $0.75 each

Captions (40 characters or less) $1.00 each

Cost of DVD Copies

Premium DVD- $30.00 (1/2 hour)

Premium DVD – $45.00 (2 hour)

Additional copies $15.00

Background Music $2.50 per song

Photo & Slide Scanning

Photos / Slides digitized for home computer use, emailing, archiving to DVD High Resolution Photos $0.75 each

High Resolution Slides $1.00 each


Each CD can hold up to 80 minutes of audio

Cost to Transfer

$35.00 for 1st CD (includes set-up)

$10.00 for additional CD copies

For Reel-to-Reel Audio there is an additional charge of $10.00 per reel

If you have any questions about pricing or services,
please call Steve or Dan at (608) 238-7127 or send us a message on our “Contact Us” page

We accept all major credit cards